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Why OpenSolaris?

OpenSolaris provides the development environment where experimentation meets real-world execution.

Why OpenSolaris?

Why OpenSolaris?

Naturally fast, free and easy to download, deploy and use, OpenSolaris grants early access to the latest technologies.

OpenSolaris Support

Unlock the power of OpenSolaris. Get access to the expertise and tools you need to run and maintain your OpenSolaris deployments.

Global and Open Communities

Bring your ideas to life with a state-of-the-art code base backed by a global community that collaborates to fuel innovation.

Global and Open Communities

Open Communities

Take your idea from experiment to global deployment on a single platform in a familiar environment with OpenSolaris. Free, built-in features help you develop, debug and deploy new applications faster.


OpenSolaris is a development environment where the collaborative interaction of the best minds in software development is creating an advanced, reliable OS for the world.

Fun and Fests

Find new OpenSolaris merchandise in the Sun Store and get the latest updates on worldwide events celebrating the OpenSolaris OS.

Fun and Fests

Sun Wear Store

OpenSolaris fans can find posters, tees and more with the new OpenSolaris logo.

Worldwide Events

From China to Chile, OpenSolaris Install fests are taking place at university campuses across the globe.

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